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If you are have been left out of a will or involved in some other dispute over a will or deceased estate you need an experienced, practical and costs effective will dispute lawyer to:

Gregory Smith - Disputed Wills Specialist

My name is Greg Smith. I am a will dispute lawyer. For many years I have focused on helping people bring will disputes to a quick and successful conclusion.

Personal Care throughout your claim

I do not pass my clients on to junior solicitors after the initial meeting. I maintain a "hands on” role with a client’s claim from our initial contact to the end of your matter. You deal only with me until your claim is finished. You will also have access to me by mobile , email and skype.

Some people I have helped over the years include:

Bob* lived and cared for his brother until the brother died of cancer . After the funeral the family wanted Bob to move out of the house leaving him with nowhere to live. When I took on the case I made sure Bob was allowed to remain in his brother’s house while Bob's claim was prepared. Within 15 months the case was in court. After a hearing of less than an hour Bob had won his case. The court awarded Bob enough money to buy a comfortable unit in his local area.

Ted’s* defacto partner of 12 years died without updating her will made many years before they had met. With my help, Ted will receive over 80% of her $1.5m estate on the sale of the townhouse. The claim settled at mediation without going to court within 13 weeks .Ted now has enough to relocate himself and their 2 fox terriers in Sydney.

Julie* received over $80,000 as an out of court settlement from her friend’s estate. Julie had lived with her friend in the same household and had provided her with care and support.

I invite you to review the material on these pages and trust you will find it useful.

Ring me on 02 9262 5877 or 1300 132 242 for the cost of a local call, or email me on gsmith@gregorysmithlaw.com.au for an initial free consultation.

For information on wills i recommend you go to my website www.willsprobatensw.com.au

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